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How it works

A small instruction about our service

Choose your Adress

From or back to the Airport Munich
  • Enter your pickup & dropoff locations or the number of hours you wish to book
  • The pickup location or the droplocaton has to be Munich Airport
  • You also can book return
  • Pick the date and the time

Book th car

First Class or Business?
  • After the first step our system will calculate the cost for the several classes.
  • Choose your class. You have the chooice between Wählen Sie eine Klasse aus. Economy, Business or First Class. Also, you can take the business van. More informations under click me
  • Now you can register or go forward as guest.
  • Choose your payment and you will recive a mail

Day of the journey

The schedule
  • On the day of your ride, you will receive two email and SMS updates
  • Per E-Mail: Small Reminder that everything is on time.
  • Per SMS: Informing you that your car is on its way
  • Your ride includes 15 minutes’ waiting time for standard pickups and 1 hour for airport pickups. Even if your driver has arrived early, your included waiting time starts from the time you booked your ride.



After the yourney

is befor the yourney
  • Rate our ride
  • You can do this over facebook
  • Thank you very much for your ride and we are happy to see you again


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